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Apply/register for 2019 P4G Partnership Online Application Form

P4G Partnership Online Application Form
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Are you interested to apply for 2019 P4G Partnership; registration form is out online register now to apply. Register through the P4G Partnership Online Application form portal. Please be sure to read the Guidelines thoroughly before beginning the application process.

This post will help to apply for 2019 P4G Partnership Application Form and here I will out the eligibility criteria for 2019 P4G Partnership Application Form.

P4G Partnership Online Application Form

P4G will accept applications for 2019 facilitation and funding support from 30th November 2018 to 15th February 2019. All applications must be submitted online.

P4G Partnership Funding

P4G holds an annual global competition to select public-private partnerships to receive start-up or scale-up funding. P4G start-up partnerships are eligible to receive up to USD 100,000 in funding. P4G scale-up partnerships are eligible to receive up to USD 1 million. In 2018, P4G funded 11 start-up partnerships. Another 8 partnerships are finalists to receive P4G scale-up funding.

Eligibility Criteria for 2019 P4G Partnership Online Application Form

Partnership activities must focus on one or more of P4G’s five target

SDGs: SDG 2 Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture, SDG 6 Water and Sanitation, SDG 7

  • Clean Energy, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities, and SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption and Production (circular economy). See complete list of SDGs at
  • Partnership activities must benefit one or more of the 150 developing countries eligible for P4G funding. See list of eligible countries at standards/daclist.htm.
  • The partnership must include at least one commercial partner (a business or group of businesses committed to responsible business conduct by integrating human rights, labor rights, environmental concerns, and anti-corruption concerns into their operations and core strategies) and at least one non-commercial partner (non-governmental organizations, civil society, business member organizations, trade unions, or others that operate on a non-profit basis). See Appendix 2 for additional information on the types of organizations that are eligible. The administrative partner (the contractual recipient of P4G funds) must be a legally registered non-commercial entity.
  • The partnership must propose work that is “additional” to what is already happening or what would naturally happen in the marketplace. For example, P4G funding should be “additional” to traditional commercial business development (i.e. expansion of a core business offering), as well as “additional” to traditional international development (i.e. programming that bilateral and multilateral funders typically cover), and therefore should not be used for either type of activity nor should the partnership be primarily focused on either type of activity.
  • The partnership must be designed to overcome financial, institutional, operational, or other critical barriers to meeting the SDGs with an innovative, scalable, and commercially viable solution
  • Partnerships must be in either the start-up or the scale-up phase of development. P4G only supports projects in the start-up and scale-up phase within the context of four basic phases of partnership/project development: concept, research and development, and pilot phase; start-up phase; implementation phase; and scale-up or replication phase.

How to Process 2019 P4G Partnership Online Application Form

Apply via

Check Npower Enhancement Program

Please note the following:

  • November 30, 2018–February 15, 2019: Submission period for online applications for both Start-up and Scale-up partnerships
  • February–May 2019: Assessment of Start-up and Scale-up applications
  • May–June 2019: Start-up Finalists will be asked to provide additional information
  • July–August 2019: Evaluation and announcement of Start-up partnership funding

P4G Partnership Online Application Form

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