How to upload Npower Deployment Letter step by steps guides

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Npower Deployment Letter can be open online via applicant’s dashboard. This is to inform all applicants who were successful as posting list were released. Successful applicants can now upload their Npower Deployment Letter via online. Check procedures on how to upload posting letter here.

upload Npower Deployment Letter
upload Npower Deployment Letter

This post is majorly on how to upload Npower Deployment Letter via dashboard.

The above mentioned Npower categories can now upload their posting letter/Deployment letter

Npower team support has made it mandates for all successful candidates on the posting list to download and upload Npower Deployment Letter through online via volunteer portal. But many find it difficult to get their letter at hand; this post will help you have information about the 2018 Npower posting Letter cum posting letter.

How to upload Npower Deployment Letter step by steps guides

These steps will guide you on how to upload Deployment Letter. You can only upload your posting/deployment letter when signed and stamped.

Now follow the procedures below to upload

  • Upload via
  • This will require successful applicants to enter their email address used during registration and verification to login to your dashboard.
  • You will be to upload Npower Posting and Deployment Letter

Note you can only upload your Npower Posting and Deployment through your dashboard.

All deployed beneficiaries are to upload on their Npower Portal page their stamped and signed confirmation of resumption on before Friday August 10th 2018 in order to qualify for their first stipend payment due by August 31st 2018.

Npower Deployment Letter

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