IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018: Simply steps to Verify for Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS)

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IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018has commenced for all MDAs in State and Federal levels. This IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018was made public through The Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation with the aim to enforce service wide of employee record update in all MDAs in the Federal Government of Nigeria. Some employees still find it difficult to be enrolling in the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018. A simply step is here for you on How to Verify for Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System and how to generate token as well.

IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018
IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018

Employee online Records update and Service-Wide Implementation of Human Resources (HR) Module of for Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS)

Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation has bring to the notice about the online records updates by Employee in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

The move is hinged on the successful pilot implementation in the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF); this direction is too replicated in the remaining MDAs to pave the way for the roll out of the HR Module of IPPIS verification.

IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018 portal was address as

Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System IPPIS Verification procedures

Employees can now carry out their IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018with the following registration procedures

Employee enters the URL:

A login page appears on the screen with provision for Employee IPPIS Number, Login Token and Captcha Text entries. Below these, is a Token generation box for an employee to first generate login token before he/she attempts a login

Employee Clicks on Generate Your Token located in the lower part of the login page, if he or she is first timer on the portal. He enters IPPIS number, Mobile phone number and email addresses if it does exist, and click Generate.

Employee receives copies of token as SMS on phone number and as well in the email box supplied

Employee returns to the login page, enters IPPIS number, Login token and the Captcha text in their appropriate boxes and clicks on login. A box to select present employee MDA is displayed

Employee selects present MDA, and after its acceptance, the first form (Employee Personal Info) is opened as default and have the remaining forms listed on the left hand side of the portal homepage. The employee name associated with the IPPIS number entered is displayed.

Employee fills the first form and saves its content by clicking on Update Profile. Employee fills the remaining forms one after the other, and save or update as appropriate. Employee can take a break and resume the filling of the forms at a later time, provided final Confirmation box has not been checked and submitted on either the Summary or Print Slip pages.

Employees performs final operation, after every form would have been reviewed and saved, by checking the Confirmation box and clicking on Submit button either on the summary or print slip pages. The summary report page gives an analysis of your data input as a guide.

Employee generates and prints Verification Slip (Three copies required)

Employee’s Director HR endorses slips for presentation at IPPIS verification center

All Employees should note this: Employee should check to confirm that the name displayed is his, otherwise he/she should contact the help desk for assistance by calling any of these numbers: 08088224425, 09092999949, 09026737146, 08111679483, and 08143251686

Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) Requirements for IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018

Below is what is needed for IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018

MDA forward details of their AS IS Nominal Roll, Role Players and Organizational Structure (i.e., list of Departments, Divisions, Sections and Units) must be forward to and

MDAs Structures are processed and uploaded onto the portal by the SysAdmin in the OHCSF to enable employees of the MDAs to select their Depts, Divisions, Sections and Units as appropriate while updating their details on the Data Collection Portal.

MDAs to notify all documented employees to update their details within a two weeks window

Director HR in MDA generates Nominal Roll based on newly captured employee records for authentication and approval by Accounting Officer, at the end of portal update.

MDA presents authenticated Nominal Roll during physical verification exercise.

Employees Requirements for IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018

Employees must have valid IPPIS Number and a mobile phone number. Email is optional.

Employees must be a documented Officer in his MDA

Pool Officers in MDAs should be equipped with the name of their Pool while the Non-Pool Officers should indicate so (i.e., NON-POOL or Parastatals/Agencies), when entering pool information on the portal.

Employees should be equipped with their appropriate Cadre name – usually captured in their employment letters for those employed by the Federal Civil Service Commission. For employees whose Cadres are not found in the Scheme of Service, for instance the Academic and Non-Academic profession in the educational institutions, a Cadre equivalent structure would be created for such categories of employees. These Cadre equivalents would be linked with the list of Ranks and Designations that are currently in operation under such institutions.

Employees should be equipped with their Present Staff file No., FCSC No., Establishment No., if assigned already, PFAs, PenCom No., NHIS No. and NHF No., etc, where applicable.

Employees should be equipped with their current Rank/Designation which is provided under their appropriate Cadre for Core MDAs and Cadre equivalent for other Professions.

Employees should be equipped with their MDA name, Department, Division, Section and Unit where applicable. A ‘Non Applicable’ entry is created for each of the List of Values to take care of entries that are not applicable to an employee (e.g., a Director who heads a Department can not belong to Divsions, Sections, Branches and Units under the Department – would need to select Not Applicable for their entry options).

Employees should be equipped with the correct Trade Unions and Cooperative Societies they belong to.

Employees must ensure that their Date fields (i.e.,Date Of Birth, Date Of First Appointment and Date Of Last Promotion/ Date of Current Appointment) are populated with the same values as in their current staff records, else any discrepancies discovered  may lead to suspension of salary payment.

Employees will be required to enter their details and employment history spread across about 16 different forms. Each Form when populated with the required values can be saved individually provided all the mandatory fields which are marked * have been populated with data.  The non-mandatory fields may be populated if data exists or ignored if it does not apply or exist. Some of forms are mandatory, meaning they must be populated with a least one record before they can be saved. The non-mandatory forms can be skipped if there are no records to be entered. Any entered data on each form can still be changed and saved provided the Final Confirmation box has not been checked and submitted.

All Employees should note this: no changes can be effected on employee record already captured once the Confirmation Box is checked and Submit button pressed. It therefore means that employees must be fully satisfied with the information they have entered on the portal before they Confirm and press the FINAL Submit button.

All employees should note this:

MDAs are requested to finish this office with the list of their IPPIS Role player/users in line with the attached Template. This template is available for download from the OHCSF website: this information required Service-Wide Implementation of Human Resources (HR) Module of for Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS)

All soft copies of requested information should be forwarded to and later you can forward the signed hard copy version.

IPPIS Biometric Verification 2018 is currently on, endeavor to partake.

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