How to Apply/Register for Google Digital Skills for Nigeria/African Students

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Google Digital Skills for Nigeria/African Students now opens for interested candidates. Application form is now available via online. Google is running a pilot for Nigeria/Africa to certify 200,000 Nigerians on Google digital skills each year. The program is totally free via online.

Google Digital Skills
Google Digital Skills

Develop your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalized training courses designed to enlighten your confidence and help you thrive, register now for Google Digital Skills for Nigeria/African Students.

About the program

Google Digital skills for Africa are designed to help improve employ-ability and business growth. The trainings are offered in-person and online in English, French and Portuguese with highly tailored content for job seekers and small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

In-person (offline) courses are delivered through training partners across Africa who also provides post training resources to further the learning. Online trainees learn at their own pace unlock badges and receive a certificate of proficiency. Course content includes more than 100 lessons that can be accessed online via

Eligibility for Google Digital Skills for Nigeria/African Students

The 2018 Google Digital Skills for African Students application form is open every one whether you’re a student or a business get certificate with Google Digital Skills for African Students.

The training is very basic and can be completed within a day. Any University level student of any major with basic computer skills and a Smartphone can take the courses and secure a Google Certificate.

Best ways to apply/register for Google Digital Skills for African Students

To apply/register is very simple and easy just follow the procedures below to register successfully

Best ways to submit online courses

For instant a student whose name is Mark Boma can send a screenshot after passing 7 courses to He should mention on the subject of the email: Mark Boma / “University Name”.

Google Digital Skills for Nigeria/African Students

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